About me

Hi! I am a PhD student in Computer Science at University of Illinois at Chicago where I am a part of the CS Theory Group. My research interests are in Theoretical Computer Science, Graph Theory and its applications in different fields. Currently, I am working on adapting various notions of curvatures from smooth continuous spaces to discrete settings to analyze complex networks. I develop approximation algorithms for these measures. I also apply these shape measures to analyze real world networks with a specific focus on Traumatic Brain Injury networks. During my undergrad, I worked on problems in Digital Image Forensics and Image Processing.

Apart from research, I take deep interest in music and reading. I am always looking for new music recommendations. My current favorite genres are: Future Bass, Dubstep, House and Rap. I love reading non-fiction books. If you have any interesting book suggestion, throw them my way.

If you have any questions about my research or want to collaboarate on anything, feel free to reach out to me via email.

Recent News

  • August 2023: Finished my internship at Meta. Built an internal tool to track all the Deployed ML Models used at Meta for better Privacy and Governance.
  • April 2023: Will be spending Summer 2023 at Bay Area, California working with the AI Metadata team at Meta
  • March 2023: Gave a Lecture on Turing Machines at UIC
  • May 2022: Interning at Meta working with the AI infrastructure team.
  • April 2022: Passed my Preliminary Examination!